French cosmetic brand with a hundred-year history and experience, the company that once offered the world the first safe hair dye, and since then remains the best producer of decorative and caring cosmetics. Permanent partner of HAIRHOUSE and our pride.

Professional hair cosmetics from the world’s brand Kerastase. Our French partners endlessly carry out researches and regularly update the line of products so that we can not only qualitatively take care of your hair, but also successfully restore them.

American Crew is the Official supplier of high-quality cosmetics for men, providing unrivaled experience of use and contributing to the improvement of personal image. The American Crew brand is distinguished by its male character, classical style, identity, self-confidence, style and reliability. The brand produces more than 40 products: a complete set of everything necessary for professional hair care, including dyes and all kinds of products for styling, from the strictest classical to the most modern. A special line of shaving products consists of several gels and oils designed to work with bristles of varying degrees of rigidity, shaving tools for the neck and head, and preparations used after shaving. Also the brand American Crew releases men's shower gels and perfumes.