New haircut, interesting styling and professional hairdresser care at all skill levels. In addition to the impeccable taste and knowledge of modern technologies, each of them is distinguished by rapid reaction, a sense of personal responsibility and flexibility of thinking. We will understand each other.

₴500 - ₴1600

the cost of any service depends on the hair artist's category and does not depend on the length or shape of the hair.

₴1400 - ₴9100

the price of the service not depends from the length that you have.

₴1500 - ₴2900

the price of the service not depends on the length that you have.

₴300 - ₴1500

additional care for hair and scalp during styling, haircut or hair dyeing.

₴300 - ₴1600

two categories of looks: basic or full makeup; eyebrows shaping, tint or lamination of eyebrows and eyelashes.

₴200 - ₴1800

manicure, pedicure, polish, gel working, SPA.

₴100 - ₴700

the cost doesn't depend on the length of the hair.