Cut / Style

All Haircut and Style Services begin with a consultation. New Haircut, interesting Styling, professional Care will be done by experienced hairdressers and stylists. Despite impeccable taste and knowledge of modern technologies each of them has fast response, sense of personal responsibility and flexibility of thinking! We are on the same wavelength with you! Come to HAIRHOUSE - modern beauty salon in the heart of Kiev.


Well-manicured and beautiful nails are the basis of the universe. We love experimenting with color and shape when it comes to a spectacular picture, and adhere to strict standards when it comes to your health and care.


Edgy or as much as possible natural ombre staining, Californian highlighting, shatush technique with effect of burnt strands and natural balayage lightening, complex blonding, light camouflage and many other techniques of color changing with innovative products L'Oreal Professional.


Makeup of any complexity - easy and elegant. Our make-up artists would have been the geniuses of the classic portrait, but they chose real emotions instead of frozen smiles and modern lines of decorative cosmetics for the living and beautiful faces of HAIRHOUSE customers.


The first Hair Health Center presents a program of professional hair care and treatment HAIRHELP in Ukraine. It gives your hair a new life, and you - self-confidence and smile!

New Haircut changes your life

It is already checked! You may start your new life on Monday or you can visit our beauty salon in the heart of Kiev in anytime anyday! We will take care of you and your mood! We will set up a task and at the appointed time you will receive a guaranteed result! Even better then you expect!

Express Hairstyle or Brushing

You feel mastery in small details! It seems like nothing has changed but you feel yourself a little bit cheerful and happy, you feel great energy! Nice styling in 15 minutes or Brushing for half an hour will definitely make your day!

Waves and Curls?

Curly or Wavy hair is one of the classical methods to look a bit different then yesterday. Every time we offer you a new style what is healthy for all types of hair! You will always look awesome and perfectly well!

Evening Hairstyle

Maybe you wish to have a couple of cocktails with your mates or to amaze your friends on your wedding, or it is just simple visit to a theatre or even a special date! Evening Hairstyling in beauty salon HAIRHOUSE in the center of a business part of Kiev will make all your wishes come true. IT’S COOL TO BE STYLISH!

Waves and Curls?

Curly hair, but you want to straighten it? It is one of the classical methods to look a bit different then yesterday. Every time we offer you a new style what is healthy for all types of hair! You will always look awesome and perfectly well!

What about kids?

Beauty doesn’t have age limits! Masters of the beauty salon HAIRHOUSE in Kiev know what to do with naughty kids’ curls! And our so much comfortable armchairs and correct mirrors would like even the most fidget and energetic children!

Hair braiding?

When everything is simple, we want to feel special! That’s why our beauty salon in Kiev welcomes you! Our professionals know how to transfer simple hair style into interesting and creative look! а тебе – новый образ.

Beauty ceremonies!

Kérastase and L’Oréal are for truly beautiful hair. These treatments begins with restorative scalp balance for all types of hair, transformative moisture and repair therapy. HAIRHOUSE will treat your beautiful hair so good that you will face the results of healthier, shinier, luxuriously soft and silky hair! After such treatments you can easily experiment with color, different styles, shapes and forms of your hair!


HAIRHOUSE has all the necessary modern equipment for safe hardware and classical procedures, including the possibility of manicure and pedicure simultaneously in 4 hands, which incredibly saves your precious time.


Spa-manicure and pedicure is not only the treatment of the nail, but also peeling, masks, paraffin therapy, as well as massage and remedial coating with professional cosmetics.


In the life of every girl there comes a time when you need to make the right choice, namely, to choose a color. Nails design for any outfit and mood, from the classic French manicure to the trendy negative space with a magnificent palette of polishes and gel polishes.


If you do a manicure and pedicure in our room with two chairs, then time passes by unnoticed when you chatter about something important with your friend. Friendly participation is always beneficial for both.


The colorist has to follow three sacred rules: caring for hair, guaranteed effect and matching colors and style. A competent color strategy and modern professional products of L'Oreal help us to strengthen the health of your hair and achieve a delightful picture.


To develop a new useful habit, you will need 21 days. To completely change the hair color, you will need 5 hours in HAIRHOUSE. That is, today you come to us, and then three more weeks you get used to love yourself even more than before. But you can also just drop in for ten minutes and refresh the color a bit ...


Technologies make life easier, and to make an appointment with us, you do not need to call. Our administrators make electronic arrangement via Viber. You can write to us at any convenient time, even during the 'La Traviata' in the first rows of the opera.


You do not have to do your homework and know exactly what you want. We will think, offer and find for you the best option of your new image, and we will choose your unique color.


The best remedy in your cosmetic bag is a good sleep, so sleep an extra half hour, and trust us a light refreshing make-up. It's enough just to make a waypoint on the way to success and hit HAIRHOUSE - here you’ll wake up with a cup of good coffee, and at the same time you will change a bit.


A natural makeup for the day and bright, shiny, stunning images for the evening. With the help of modeling the face oval, play of light and shadow, and correct selection of the color range, our make-up artists work wonders.


Sometimes you do not want to miss pre-party, so we will combine the makeup with the styling and save your precious time for more important meetings. And if you give us a heads-up, you won’t miss after party - we work around the clock by previous appointment.


All you need to change the view of life a little bit: perming, extensions, coloring and correction will give an incredible bend and length to your eyelashes, and for a more penetrating look, we suggest the design and color of the eyebrows.


Healthy hair is beautiful, but the stress and living environment in the metropolitan city may affect its condition. Weak, brittle hair is the first signal that you need to change something in your life. Start with HAIRHELP.


In order to overcome the result, you need to find out a reason! HAIRHELP has modern technologies and methods of studying and diagnosing the condition of your hair. Accurate study data will help to establish a reason of hair weakening and reach substantial results in its treatment.


What we possess are the innovative methods of weak hair treatment! Based on the diagnostic findings, our certified trichologists will develop a personal strategy of treatment and preventive care, which will stop the loss of your hair and restore its beauty.


HAIRHELP is located in the largest in Kyiv beauty-center HAIRHOUSE. We will not only bring your hair healthy shine and strength back, but also after healthy procedures, you will find yourself in the magic hands of our hairstylists. They will bring your image to perfection!