Listopadov Viacheslav

As many people in the world - so many types of hair exist. Curly, straight, manageable or unmanageable hair. How many personalities - so many hair styles are created by our masters. We want to know you better to acquaint you with yourself again and again.

Logvinov Denis

No-one can understand the woman, because she cannot understand herself. No-one, except Denis knows how to feel like a queen! There are no small things when your mood is on the line. Come to the beauty salon HAIRHOUSE in Kiev and you will find this magician !

Prokopenko Natalia

To shift an appointment to another date? Not to forget to remind you about the appointment? You want many procedures together and at the same time? Call Natalia, she knows what to do!

Bozhchenko Evgeniy

Calm down, take it easy! Evgeniy will pacify even the most unmanageable and unruly hair, deal with styling of any complexity and do all this with big pleasure, because HE is a master of what he does!

Trubchik Dmitriy

If to describe the Kiev beauty salon HAIRHOUSE with 3 words, these words are perfectionism, care and Dmitriy. What are we talking about :) Came and see yourself!

Dzhalaba Julia

When it comes to your hair, the color decides everything! When it comes to a color, Julia decides everything! Trust us, enjoy the process and result! Magic in the Kiev beauty salon HAIRHOUSE!

Makashev Roman

If a woman does not change her haircut, it does not mean that she has some problems, it just means she is on the adge of changes! And if she changes her haorcut, then it is only Roman! Laidies! Don’t be afraid to look gorgeous!

Dadalyan Sona

When make-up and hairstyle is not a visual appearance but it is a duet on a very important event, Sona knows what curls will suit you and your mood as well! She is a curl Master in a salon in the downtown of Kiev.

Aksionenko Julia

When it comes to feminity, there is no place for unexpected situations. Julia takes brushes in her hands and magic begins!

Salo Anna

Art in details -primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter. You don’t need to know what these are, just believe us, these all beauty tools and golden Anna’s hands will create the most complex effect of the most natural beauty in the world.

Kruk Maria

People say that love is the best cosmetics. That’s why make-up which masters apply on you is not only professional action but this is love of what they do! Maria loves you no matter what! She creates your fairytale!

Romanenskaya Marina

Just a little... are not Marina’s methods. Only perfection! To refresh your look or change it completely Marina welcomes you! With pleasure for pleasure!

Goncharuk Anastasia

Work, a bachelorette party, a date or a red carpet? And, of course, you have only 20 minutes for everything. 1000 and 1 styling in the sleeve of Anastasia to help you.

Zhagrova Olga

You have crazy ideas to change from the burning brunette into fantastic blonde in one day? Or you want to change just the hue in order to change completely? Olga is exactly what you need! No one has rights to mistake, even Olga!

Fedchenko Denis

This is that case when there is no place for compromises! After Denis and his magic spells your hair is ideal! Rain, storm, strong wind or snow- hair looks perfect!

Kuzmin Andrei

If “change everything but do not touch the length” is about you? Then Andrei is a professional of such changes. He feels you to the fingertips!

Kopievskiy Roman

Roman knows how to make the perfect even from a trip to a beauty space on 101%! Everything is so perfect and Roman knows the secret of this perfection!

Medvedev Dmitriy

Your changes start with a smile! If today was a hard day, Dmitriy will fix it! He is a magicial that will make you feel gorgeous!

Kuzmich Denis

Tonight you need to be perfectly gorgeous among sophists and friends? Denis doesn’t see any difference between a girl from the cover of the famous magazine and you! You are very lucky to work with that handsome guy from Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days.

Barkar Michael

If you are not afraid of experiments, or even you are! If you are not afraid to say goodbye to your long beautiful hair or vise-versa want to grow long hair? To correct the form or dare to fringe? Michael is the one who you definitely need for this! You wont regret! That's for sure!

Dema Evgeniy

Style is like a moustache! It is either Yes or No! Evgeniy is a style of clear water. You don’t have to explaine anything. Everything will be perfect, stylish, fashionable and youth! All these you can get in a modern beauty salon HAIRHOUSE in Kiev Downtown

Dyachuk Ivan

There is no place for jokes if the mood is so changeable as weather. Ivan doesn’t know how to stop the rain but he definitely knows how to make you day!

Yudko Konstantin

The love of result begins with talent in the process. Kostya proves every day that harder-better-faster-stronger is Daft Punk sang about him. Without a moment's hesitation that you change.

Zaporozhets Alexader

If you think that there are only two types of men’s haircut: like David Beckham and Vin Diesel, we are glad to announce that Alexander is a magician! Come and try youself in the beauty studio HAIRHOUSE in Kiev

Melnichuk Tatiana

Beauty is health! Thank to Tatiana’s experience, who knows about hair no less then Google. She knows how to combine pleasant with useful! How to solve even to most delicate problem! Come and check youself out in the modern beauty salon HAIRHOUSE in a business center of Kiev

Procopovich Denis

There is no secret that Denis is an official trichologists and a soulmate of L’Oréal company. Denis is a doctor who changes livestyles of hundreds of clients for better!

Lelyuk Konstantin

Everything, what you wanted to know about care, beauty-trends, hair cosmetics and latest news in the world of beauty, Konstantin is the one who can help you. He creates ideal looks and moods. And moreover, you can always ask him to share with you secrets of how to take care about your beauty at home.

Gaponova Anna

Olympic champion in all kinds of nail service and that's it. Anna is a genius in everything she does. Unchangeable classics of French manicure or bold Chinese red?

Tehrani Farzam

There is no more helpless creature then a girl with just polished nails! Farzam is on guard, so every time you are trustworthy nail technician hands. Come to the beauty salon HAIRHOUSE in the heart of Kiev and check yourself.